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What is a Digital U.S. FAA 8130-3?
The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires Airworthiness Approval Tags (form 8130-3) to certify that new and used aircraft parts meet federally mandated conformity requirements and to certify approvals for the return of parts to service following maintenance.

8130-3.com provides digital versions of the form through our secure, 64-bit encrypted system as specified by the FAA. The electronic format is a more streamlined and efficient means to create, store, and retrieve these mandated forms.

The U.S. FAA has approved and encouraged the electronic format when utilized with Digital Signatures. It provides more security, ease of use, data reliability and integrity, and timeliness of data.

Solutions for both Issuers and Receivers
Employing our digital format, variations in how information is described can be significantly reduced. Registered issuing members of 8130-3.COM can prepare, print, send, save and archive all FAA 8130-3 forms previously certified and archived. Registered Receivers can search our secure database by several different parameters and retrieve any archived form quickly and easily.

Advantages of a Digitally Signed 8130-3
The new use and acceptance of electronic Form 8130-3 (and EASA) by the FAA offers several distinct advantages over the current paper format:
  • The COST and DIFFICULTY to store, retrieve, and analyze information is substantially reduced.
  • Sending a digital 8130-3 is as easy as e-mailing a link
  • The frequency of lost, damaged, and unreadable documents is eliminated.
  • A higher degree of data reliability and consistency is achieved.
  • Advances in digital security mean that forgery and alteration of data can be easily detected and traced directly to the source.
  • Identifying a document signatory is easier due to the elimination of illegible handwritten entries and deterioration of paper.
  • Automated processes for generating, transmitting, and processing data significantly reduce costly human errors.
Is Digital 8130-3 Certification Secure?
Our system has been custom built to all FAA specifications. 8130-3.com utilizes 64-bit DES encryption that requires a certified digital signature to author our forms and a valid username and password combination to gain access to the account center.

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